A tender heart..

In her lean ,
not having body enough pretty..
Was imprisoned a pure soul….
In the cage of stiff ribs,
A tender heart lied….
Her feelings fragile …
As if newly made pearls in the shell…
In her eyes tears rolled as slowly..
As a boat of poor village sailor…
But She withheld the flickering candle of hope …
Stood to see the last rays of settling sun
at the horizon, she always wore a smile..❤️
To stay alive.
Aanay Ramliya
7:24 pm june 18:2020.

When the Egyptian women sliced their own hands..

Amma! Why did you name me Yousef? He asked his mom while she was oiling his beautiful silky hairs.Because you are handsome”, replied his mom.“Aww handsome?” But what has the beauty to do with this name Amma??yousaf asked again. “Dear! The name Yousef is synonymous for beauty because no man was as handsome and charming as Prophet Yousef (a.s) was. He had an amazing personality that people couldn’t ignore or stop looking at him. When he was adult he would even cover his face. Moreover when Egyptian women saw him at a feast arranged for them, they sliced their hands instead of orange fruit in their hands”.”What mom? Women sliced their hands?” He asked surprisingly, for he was shocked upon hearing this. He had never heard it before, but he was a bit more inquisitive than other kids of his age. He loved listening to stories from mom even in this era of electronic media where kids are fond of electronic gadgets.His mom too was a good story teller. Though, she would use to tell story to him but actually she would keep in account Yousef’s other siblings as well who would listen to story passively. She would always tell him story with lessons and would address them all as, “look kids! When we do so and so like that in the story, we will bear such and such consequences”.  And that day again, when Yousef was shocked hearing about women slicing their hands, she told them the whole story of Prophet Yousef (a.s) as mentioned in the holy Quran.  She loved this chapter of Quran being too close to her heart. She would take great interest while telling this story in detail. From the child hood of handsome Yousef (a.s) left in jungle by his brothers, to his authoritative adulthood as vizier to the king of Egypt. From his brothers being jealous of him to them prostrating before him out of respect, from the day an Egyptian first lady fell in love with him to his life in prison and the day when women cut their hands being so amazed and mesmerized by his beauty. As usual, she ended with, “my kids! I love each and every lesson in this well woven story by Almighty Allah. Each and every piece of it is a reflection of what happens in real life of many of us. But the point of telling us about those Egyptian women in Quran is something really common in our lives. Those women were not only an Egyptian women but a character that will stay forever in form of women from different societies, nations or casts.The character of those women in the story has depicted that when you talk bad of others or when you blame and denunciate others you will face the same situation someday. As Shams of Tabriz said that words never vanish rather they will come back to you one day. Unless you repent to Almighty Allah for your bad deeds and behaviour with others, it will be reciprocated to you just as it happened to those women. They talked ill of the first lady who fell in love with Prophet Yousef and backbited her for committing a sin but they realized their mistake, while cutting their palms with knives when invited to a feast and saw the enthralling personality of Prophet Yousef A.S. The same is the case for us. If we see someone committing a sin we should hate the sin rather than a sinner. Talking ill of them will not work rather motivating them towards good and loving them will help them change their path. Otherwise, if a person attack and hurt the character of others they will cut their own hands one day.Stay happy and spread love.

Regards :Aanay Ramliya 45😍

20 March 2020

A tea shop

These days, in the hustling world
I wish to run a tea shop
Somwhere in the premises
Of a university..
Or a silent lonely corner of town
And i wish to serve cups
Full of tea with smiling face
As i want the tables
Not merely tables
But spots where people would come, sit and share..
All the sweet and bitter secrets
I want to see them making memories
while sitting Across
those wooden tables
when it would rain in December…
When there would be fog all around
I want to watch people
Reliving memories and
exchanging their views when they would talk.
approaching my place
After long tiring walk..
Over a cup of tea they may
either see their past, or
Add new feelings
Or release their pain
With  the hot  steam
The steam from the tea cups
When there would be autumn
I would collect the dry leaves
In the open sitting areas
would see signs of shoes
Of people at their first meeting
Or leaving forever ..
When everyone is busy
with his own life
I want to live the life so artistic
As if watching books
Paintings, walking around
And reading stories
That every table
of my stall would hold..
Stories of meeting,
Stories of departure,
Of rejoicing moments
Of sharing secrets…
Of young and old..
Of everyone , who would come
to my tea stall..
In spring, summer,autumn
And when there would be cold..

Aanay Ramliya 9.Dec.2020. 9:40 am Peshawar

تب تک یہ ہوتا رہے گا۔۔

آج تو قلم بھی اپنے مذکر ہونے پر شرمندہ تھا .
میری انگلیوں کا سہارا لیے کاغذ پر پیشانی رکھے قلم کی آنکھوں سے بھی خون کے آنسو  بہہ رہے تھے۔آج کا واقعہ سن کر جیسے وہ بھی تڑپ رہا تھا۔بار بار اٹک رہا تھا۔ ایسے جیسے وہ کہانی نہیں کہنا چاہتا کہ یہ کہانی مونث کہانی تھی۔ اور میرے دین نے تو صنف نازک کی حفاظت کا حکم دیا تھا اس کی حیا سے تو سورج بھی شرما گیا تھا۔ اور میرے اسلاف مردوں کی حیا سے تو فرشتے بھی حیا کرتے تھے۔ مگر یہ کیا کہ آج قلم کی نوک سے نکلتا ہر لفظ جیسے میرے وطن کے جوانوں کی لازوال حوس پر دکھی تھا۔آج جیسے ہر چیز کو اپنے مذکر ہونے پر افسوس ہو رہا تھا۔۔کہ ایک پری زاد کو دو بچوں کے سامنےمرد نامی مذکر درندوں نے نوچا تھا۔ 
سوچتی ہوں آج تو انسانیت بھی نوحہ کناں ہوئ ہوگی۔ آسمان انگشت بدنداں رہ گیا ہوگا اور زمین نے بھی شاید پھٹ جانے کی خواہش کی ہوگی۔۔
مگر ان درندہ صفت انسانوں کو خود کوئ شرم، کوئ حیا کوئ خوف کیوں نہ آیا؟ اس جرم عظیم کا ارتکاب کرتے ہوئے انھیں اپنا انجام کیوں یاد نہ آیا اور ان کے قدم کیوں نہ لرزے؟؟ کیا اس لیے کہ ان کو معلوم تھا کہ یہ بچ نکلینگے؟ کیا ریاست مدینہ بن کر دیکھانے کا ڈھونگ رچانے والے ملک کے قوانین اتنے بے وقعت تھے؟ کہ مجرم کو اپنے جرم پر کوئ پچتھاوا نہیں؟؟
تو دل تھام کر سنیے! ایسا ہی ہے جیسا اوپر عرض کیا گیا۔ جس ملک میں، میں اور آپ رہ رہے ہیں ادھر ایسا ہونا اب عام  بات بن گئ ہے۔ اب ہمارا جیسے  یہ دیکھنا معمول بن گیا ہے کہ حادثہ ہوتا ہے۔ خبروں کی زینت بنتا ہے ۔ سوشل میڈیا پر ٹرینڈ بنتا ہے ۔ایک دو آوازیں بلند ہوتی ہیں ۔حکمرانوں کے وعدے ہوتے ہیں اور پھر خاموشی چھا جاتی ہے۔ اور متاثرین اپنا سا منہ لے کر رہ جاتے ہیں۔ اور یہ سب یوں ہی ہوتا رہے گا ۔ کہیں کشمور میں ایک معصوم بیٹی جو ابھی گڑیا کھیلنا بھی نہیں جانتی وہ شلوار نیچھے کر کے ان درندوں کے ظلم کی داستان کہے گی تو کہیں ظالم بھیڑیے جی ٹی روڈ پر بچوں کے سامنے ایک عفت مآب کو نوچینگے۔ کہیں باپ اور ماں دونوں کو گولیاں چلا کر چھوٹے بچوں کے سامنے روڈ پر مارا جائے گا تو کہیں زینب  کے خواب چکنا چور کیے جاینگے ۔کہیں کسی کا بیٹا اغوا ہوگا تو کہیں دن چڑ ھے  کسی کو خودکشی پر مجبور کیا جائے گا ۔ عرض یہ کہ درندگی کی ایک سے بڑھ کر ایک مثال قائم کی جائے گی۔ اور ہاں یہ مت سوچنا کہ تمہارے ساتھ تو کبھی ایسا نہیں ہوا  پھر کیا غم ہے۔ اگر آج  یہ کسی اور کے ساتھ ہو رہا ہے تو وہ دن دور نہیں کہ یہ آپ کے ساتھ بھی ہوگا۔ مگر نہ کسی کا دل دہلے گا۔۔نہ کسی کے قدم لرزینگے ۔
اور یہ سب تب تک ہوگا جب تک ظلم کو ظلم تصور نہیں کیا جائے گا۔ جب تک عدلیہ آزادی سے فیصلہ نہ کر سکے گی۔جب تک ظالموں اور ان در ندہ صفت لوگوں کو چوک، چوراہوں میں عبرت کا نشانہ نہ بنایا جائے۔ جب تک ہم بہ حیثیت قوم جاگ نہ جائیں . جب تک ہم اپنے اسلامی اقدار کی پاسداری اور مغرب کی نقل کرنا نہ چھوڑیں۔ جب تک ہم دوسرے کے درد کو اپنا درد نہ سمجھنے لگ جائیں۔ہاں تب تک یہ سب ہوتا رہے گا۔ تو کیا ہم انفرادی، ذہنی اور قومی لحاظ سے ایسے اقدامات کرنے کو تیار ہیں؟؟؟ محترم قارئین ! کہیں نگاہ دوڑانے کی ضرورت نہیں بس اپنے گریبان میں جھانک کر جواب دیجئے۔ ہم کس سمت میں جا رہے ہیں یا جانے والے ہیں یہ فیصلہ آپ کا ہے ۔ اور دونوں سمتوں کی قیمت بھی آپنے اور میں نے ہی چکانی ہے۔۔والسلام۔
آللہ وطن عزیز اور امت مسلمہ کو سلامت رکھے۔۔ آمین

بقلم آنے رملیہ

Our Conversation

Dark room and I often converse about Our stories of
How we got so dark
Of how we ended up
Our friendship with
The so called Lights..
We converse of the moon
The way it goes through
Various phases, and the full one.
Of how the stars twinkle alone
And disappear as,
The night is over..

We converse about ,. The Rhythm of the silence and music of breaths when the strings of memories are plucked.. we also converse,
About how we both,
Admire the night
For it resembles us..
In quite alot of things..
The calm, absorbing,
And secrets holding night..

Aanay Ramliya 45

Let The Night heal

Let the Night heal…
The scars under seal… The wounds you feel
Let it wipe all the tears.
Flowing down the cheeks..
Let it hear , the stories..
Buried in your heart…
The pain, overloaded…
The pain you cannot bear..
Let it hang down …
The curtains of darkness..
So none could see..
You alone, standing here …
Let it embrace..
Your flaws and dreams..
To silence your screams
Let the night show you…
The moon of hope..
And the stars of care ..
As you are not alone…
But someone, Mighty..
Is listening to you..
Very closely, very near..
Yes, He is thy Lord..
The most caring ,the Dear .

Aanay Ramliya

11:58 pm 15, Nov, 2020

You often Visit Me.

Entering my heart
Asking me how to..
Get along with you..
You tell me stories…
Of love, of happiness..
You sing me lullabies..
Of bravery and fighting alone
And make me fall
Into a lap of peaceful sleep
Your visit motivate me alot
As you tap on my back
never letting me fall apart..
You help me think deeper..
Of the spring coming my way..
You ask me hold your finger
To move ahead till
Death do us apart..
You are what keep
My eyes open
And my heart beating..
Its because of you
That i can watch a moon
And chase the stars…
For you are the light…
Shining in my darker nights..
You are who keep me alive
Thanks to be all mine
And always mine…
For you are no one…
But my Dream..
10:33 pm
10 nov 2020

Aanay Ramliya 45

She was Brave

She was  brave..
To face the fire ..
For she had been through..
The flames already..
When , out of the fire ..
She became a brightest Gold..
Yet she was frank and not cold..
She was brave to leave the past..
Slowly, gradually, and not so fast.
She held her self well..
And walked with elegance

against the storm..
She was Braver enough to convert..
Her sadness, her pieces, into art..
As she painted her feelings,
Wrote stories, but spoke nothing..
And  became a mouth piece..
Of many aching, silent hearts..
She now often console.

Teary eyes, & broken souls ..
And stitch patches of care, love
Between those fallen apart..
She is strong to accept the truth..
Of being wrecked and destroyed once..
But now as she stand tall..
Her confidence emulated by many..
And her smile hold a shine..
Like a sun dazzling over the Tides
Of The sea, splendrous, wide & vast…

Aanay Ramliya
10:38 pm

The Fight

#dontleaveyourparents #takecareofthem #betheirprideandsupport

He witnessed a real fight twice in his life time. For the first time while he was young, energetic and full of life. He once came back from his office, entered through the main door of lounge and all of his children rushed towards him and fought each other, everyone trying to hug him first and get the choclates. He hugged kissed them all smiling at their love and fight for him. For him they were to be innocent forever. But time is such a hard teacher. It teaches really hard sometimes. So his sons grew older and he himself had a stooped posture now as the fountain of youth vanished. He was no more able to hear their noise. The sun of his life was settling now and his hairs turning grey. And one day while yearning to see his children he walked towards their room and stoped at the door. He heard some noise and he wanted to wait again, so they would run towards him to give him a hug..He smiled, as he thought they were fighting again for his love but he was shocked when the voices became clearer. This time they were not fighting out of care but they were fighting to get rid of their old father. Everyone wanted the other to keep their father at home but no one was ready as they could no longer bear their old father, his old age moodiness and sounds of his bad caugh. He left the home silently and ended up in an old age home but he left a note outside his house at the Door step.
The note read, “time is really harsh dear sons. It will turn all of you grey one day. And you too will be craving to hear the noise of your children to care for you but you may recieve the unusual , unexpected and heart breaking response. So i am your father, i still care for you and showing you the way to an old age home. When you are old, come there and my memories will welcome you there, hugging each of you once again.” Your Old Father.

Aanay Ramliya 45
12:13 am
Friday 13 Nov 2020