But It was a soliloquy..

Her feet bare, her hands cold
on her cheeks, many tears rolled
All the deserts in her, had stormed
All the clouds in her, had rained
she shouted, she cried, she called
His name, once and again and again
She thought she was in love
As she felt all the fragrance of His Aura
She plucked all the lavenders
all the roses in her garden .
The roses were dark red
but with the blood of her hands
She wore her fav dress and went
Closed her eyes, extended the bouquet
To him, and said,” I love you “
She repeated, again, and again, and again
But she had no answers
No answers, no answers and no replies
For it was all a Desire,
A desire of a broken heart…
It was all a noise of her own silence
it was not dialogue, to hear him
But Her own thoughts
a mere soliloquy…. 
Her own desperate cry..
-Aanay Ramliya


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