We can never make enough thanks to Allah, be grateful for every little thing you have..

Every time i bend my arm , making a curve of my elbow, putting it under my face , and sleep on it like a pillow. Every time  i take lunch or eat something , turning my hand and putting a bite in my mouth in a decent way i  fall in love with Allah. I feel amazed about how beautifully He has engineered the hinges and joints of my arms. Each curve, each angle, each joint each muscle is created so artistically. I fear when i imagine, that what if it get stuck, if there is no flexion and no extension in the joints of my arms???? Definitely it will be a burden for me then. I feel like we can never count the blessings we have. I just gave you a tiniest example, while we have a lot of blessings in our body and around us to be Thankful for. We are so beautifully created by Him. How come we say He does not love us? Do we hate the things we made with love and beauty ? I think this is enough to Thank him for everything. Believe me, worries vanish when you develop a habit of gratitude. Be happy for what you have. Feel the beauty that lies within you. Do not compare yourself with others because Your Lord Allah S.W..T has created you in a most unique and profound way. The way you are is the way He wanted you to be, so He created you like this. As He reminds you and me in surah Infitar, “IN WHATEVER FORM HE WILLED HAS HE ASSEMBLED YOU” (Surah Infitar:8)

Aanay Ramliya.

3:00 pm



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