Dreaming Her Past

Like a traditional mourner
She wore the black of night..
And walked along the road of past…
Lingerd through the memories..
She mourned over
Parts of her being shed and lost…
Ashes of her dreams..
With a dusty wind had flown…
The autumns in her way …
Turned her pale, as dry fallen leaf..
The dagger of regrets..
Tore her heart apart.
And tears rolled down …
As gently as a snow that melts..
A cresent wisphered in her ear..
Not to lament the past ..
Told her the phases
It went through to be a moon
A fairy of hope held her hand..
Brought her to meadows …
Where love birds sang…
And peacocks danced…
A cool breeze of dawn
awakened her to reality
She thanked her God
for it was nothing but a Dream
A dream that taught
Life is an amalgamation of colours
Some dark,some bright
Some blur, some soft
Aanay Ramliya


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