RAWEEN:A white Flower

Raween: A White flower
On a hot summer day…
Under the shade of green tree..
I sat on a bench and opened my book
I found a white beautiful flower…
A flower with a fragrance of Raween
but with a texture of Rose..
Though i always wanted to be
a rose to someone in distress
So my fragrance can cure him
and make him special for having me
But It seems
like i have become a gardner
since the day i Found that Flower
under the shade of green tree..
I love to watch it bloom day by day
from a tightly packed beautiful bud
to a splendorous white rose…
As it opens petal after petal
I discover a new print, a new feeling
I wish to see this flower fresh…
standing tall in the garden of my heart
For i will water it with water of my love
So it never withers away…
and will never pluck it …
but will sit beside and talk to it
and kiss the dew drops on it…
For its a Raween made to be smelled
and inhaled in breaths, fresh and lovely
or To be decorated in hairs, long and silky
or to be worn in a garlend around the neck
But it’s a delicate beautiful flower
That need to be handled with care
so it never withers away..
Its a RAIHAN, a heaven’s flower
A heaven’s flower…
A white flower…
Aanay Ramliya
30 May 2022

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