If I put On my veil…

let suppose! If i put on my veil
will they lower their gaze??
will they cease to lurk and chase??
will it decline the harrasment cases?
will they cease passing dirty phrases?
Only if i put on my veil
and wear not my makeup
will they stop to kill in honour?
will they no more have temptation?
will they do not bully and abuse?
will they cease to be a Rapist??
Can you please assure??
if i put on my veil, cover my self
will it change them too??
I fear it will Not,
for its not the absence of my veil
that they murder, harrass, rape and rant
but the presence of a veil, A cover
On their greasy eyes, mind and heart..

Aanay Ramliya
11:55 pm

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