The Gap or the Difference

” Jane!, OO jane! wake up! Wake up!” She was calling me loudly and I just woke up when I heard her calling my name. “What happened to you? Are you okay?”She was asking me as I was sighing and breathing fast with one hand on my heart, waking up to a nightmare. I couldn’t answer her being stressed and relaxing myself to forget about the bad dream.
The large windows of our room were left open and the pitter-patter sound of the rain was even disturbing. “Oh god please stop this rain I just hate it”. “Why the hell is still raining?” “Is it just to make me sad huh??” I was complaining to God continuously. I thought I was saying this in my mind but it gave me a goose bump when my sister loudly said, “Stop whining please. It’s not the rain but “The gap” that disturbs us all.
The gap? OH what is she referring to? I rolled my eyes though she couldn’t see me in the dark. Ummmm “the gap”. I repeated it slowly and give it a thought but couldn’t figure it out to be honest. Simi! “Would you please explain it to me?” I turned my head to her, cupping my face in my hands as if I am really very interested to listen to her but actually I was curious about the word she said.
“Okay! Let me finish my task and I am going to tell you after a while” she replied gently as always, completing her assignment in the light of table lamp. Few minutes were passed and she began to talk, “When I said “the Gap” I meant that we human beings are never grateful for what we have. We always complain about the little things that happen to us but we never thank our lord for all the beautiful and many great things that we have. Just like you were whining about the rain a while ago but have you thought that there are people who wish to see and have some rain as they need it? Have you ever thank Allah for not even able to make a choice of so many dresses you have in your closet? When there are people who can’t even have a piece of it to cover themselves decently? Have you thought for a minute about those who collect scraps from the dumping sites to survive, when you are selecting and wasting time on the menu at dining table? Have you ever gave your wallet full of money to the one who hold their hands sacrificing their self-respect and beg to you for a penny?? Or have you even asked God that why are you different than them? Are you better than them anyway? Have you ever looked into the eyes of “chootay” at tea or juice corners when they are serving you and longing to wear a uniform like you and to have someone caressed at their cheeks and buckle their shoes like dad does yours??? Isn’t it the Gap between you and them? Isn’t it the difference God has created among people to test them but we see it differently. We always whine for little and tiny hardships and we always compare ourselves to those better than us and lament at what we don’t have rather than thanking for the blessings we are given even when we don’t deserve them. So this is actually “the Gap” I was referring to, that make us complain about things without realizing the true subject. Hope you understand it now and will think twice about it if you encounter a problem again”. “Now go to sleep please I wish you a good night”. Saying this, she left the room taking her bag along, she closed the door slowly. But all this really lasted an impact on me. And I really miss her when it rains as her kind voice echo in my head. She made me understand why we complain for little problems and not feel grateful for what we have. It is just because we see things from different and negative perspective.

Good bye take care till the next blog. With love and Regards Aanay Ramliya45

March 1, 2020

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