Spring Needs to be in the Heart

Crip-crap, Crip-crap, the soothing sound of dry leaves was quite prominent as they walked over them without talking to each other. The month of March had just begun which used to be the arrival of spring in their country. Bunnies could be seen hopping around and scampering. Birds could be heard singing but dove’s song was the most profound and beautiful sound to them to recognize that spring had actually arrived. Both of them had their memories attached to this lovely sound. Weather was getting warmer than the chilly cold of January then and days were getting longer. Daffodils, camellia and tulips’ flowers were blooming and anemones ushering in spring loud and proud with vivid blooms in colors like pink, red and burgundy. Both of them were deeply sunk in the serenity of nature each waiting for the other to speak first. “Mugheera! Which book are you reading these days?” Zakwan asked him as he couldn’t wait anymore. “Ummm! I am not reading anything these days I just can’t concentrate on books even. I am quite distracted. Everything, even my life seems dull and boring to me. I feel broken since my brother’s death as he was diagnosed with cancer. I wish I could give him my life and he could live longer”. Mugheera responded, in sad tone as if weary and tired.
“Oh chap! Come on, that’s not a big deal, life is meant to end for all of us. Death is undeniable. All of us will die. Stop thinking about the past. Look at the beauty of the nature and how spring has decorated everything with a new dress of its kind. Haven’t you heard Sufi Shams’ quote that beauty is in the eyes of beholder?” So unless you see the beauty around you and the beauty in your life, you are not going to get out of this trauma, brother.” Zakwan lectured him as if he was his mentor as always.
“Yeah! Yeah! I have heard this and Sufi Shams has been absolutely right and this is why I can’t feel the serenity and the blissful beauty, of the spring these days. I just can’t feel the spring because spring is not outside rather, it lies in the heart. And as long as your heart has the beauty everything seems fragrant and joyful but when heart mourns, your world become colorless. Thus, it will take me some time.” Said Mugheera raising his right eyebrow with his eyes still calm and deep. Both headed towards the end of the walking track and were about to depart then.
Mugheera’s answer left Zakwan with no answer but to agree with him, both were right at their own. The stance of Mugheera really is applicable to life in every perspective. It’s not the mind but the heart that keeps one alive. When heart dies, life become meaningless. As Meer Dard (a famous poet) puts it, “I fear the death of my heart, as my life lives by it.” Every weather becomes breezy if a person’s heart celebrates spring of joy and love otherwise, even a spring outside will be autumn for a negative person. Though, sadness is a part of our emotional life but holding on to it without helping yourself to change is wrong way of dealing with emotions.
As far as one’s heart is delighted, his life is beautiful too. He then finds beauty in every little thing he has and every task he does. He can make others happy and care for them only if he is happy himself. And same is the case of practicing religion. As narrated in a famous Hadith that every organ of the body performs well when the heart performs better. But if the heart is ill, impure and distracted, everything else gets wrong itself, because heart is the director and the king of all the organs. May our heart be purified by the will and love of Allah Ameen.
keep spreading love and peace and it will echo.


Aanay Ramliya 45

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