Love is power

Love is power
Power that leads
Leads to the truth
It is a language so sweet
That let you speak
Speak without words
It is courage
Making you brave
To sail through the storms
And see fear in the eyes
Or face the sharpest sword
It provide you with wings
Wings, to make you fly
Fly so high, beyond the sky
Like free, high soaring bird
In the garden of the heart,
Love is a flower
That blooms out of a bud
Bud of a seed sown
Deep in the soil..
Soil of a loving heart
It is vibes that flow to another heart. Get reflected like a ray, bouncing back Strike back the source To ignite the fire.. Fire of love, The lover and beloved
Thus unites as one,. As a single burning flame
But if it hurts.. And give you pain
Rather than a shine
It make your eyes rain
Or let your heart ache
And destroy your brain
Then its not love but a relation so toxic
A choice that is wrong
Choice can mislead
And make you only weak
But love is valour
Valour of the strong
Aanay Ramliya 45


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