The Pure Gold, The pure you

Nothing is easy..
Its not easy to move on, if you have a breakup with anything or anyone you loved. Yes! its gonna be really painful, but to move on is worth the pain. To live an emotionally independent life is worth the pain. Its not easy to do, but there is a therapy: go away from it as far as you can. Try not to face what reminds you of the shit in the past. Discard everything which relates to the habit or person which you were dependent upon. I know it will make you shattered into pieces, it will bring you disaster and madness, but it will be over one day. You need to give time, some Time, to heal the wounds and remove the scars. Its Okay if you Cry, and it doesn’t mean you are Weak. It also doesn’t mean you are Wrong. Dear! Its a strategy, a Therapy to move on . You have to make this painful efforts to restart your life without that person or thing. Don’t you see, how much the gold has to be burnt, to turn into the purest form? The more you burn it, the purer it becomes.You are worthy than you think and expect of yourself. God has created you with love and for a reason. You do not need to waste it for one person or one thing that was meant to leave you. Remember! One day, when people will emulate your elegance, your forbearance and your Sobriety, and the way you will stand tall and firm, they won’t know the pain you have been through, the fire and flames you have gone through, to reach that Modesty, but they will only see the final pure Gold, The diamond out of the carbon,The Pure you.

Aanay Ramliya
18 may Tuesday
12:14 am

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