A tea shop

These days, in the hustling world
I wish to run a tea shop
Somwhere in the premises
Of a university..
Or a silent lonely corner of town
And i wish to serve cups
Full of tea with smiling face
As i want the tables
Not merely tables
But spots where people may come, sit and share..
All the sweet and bitter secrets
I want to see them making memories
while sitting Across the wooden tables
when it would rain in January or December
When there would be fog all around
I want to watch people
Reliving memories and
exchanging their views when they would talk.
approaching my place
After long tiring walk..
Over a cup of tea, they would
either see their past, or
Add new feelings
Or release their pain
With  the hot  steam
The steam from the tea cups
When there would be autumn
I would collect the dry leaves
In the open sitting areas
would see signs of shoes
Of people at their first meeting
Or leaving forever ..
When everyone is busy
with his own life
I want to live the life so artistic
As if watching books
Paintings, walking around
And reading stories
That every table
of my stall would hold..
Stories of meeting,
Stories of departure,
Of rejoicing moments
Of sharing secrets…
Of young and old..
Of everyone , who would come
to my tea stall..
In spring, summer,autumn
And when there would be cold..

Aanay Ramliya 9.Dec.2020. 9:40 am Peshawar

One thought on “A tea shop

  1. Zabardast 👌
    Css oka.. Ap ki wajaa sa village k baqi girls bee education may interest lay gee aur ap os k liya mesal ban jayi gii. Suggestion.. Ya baut bari loss ho gi agr ap na ya potential waste ki 😥😥,..


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