You often Visit Me.

Entering my heart
Asking me how to..
Get along with you..
You tell me stories…
Of love, of happiness..
You sing me lullabies..
Of bravery and fighting alone
And make me fall
Into a lap of peaceful sleep
Your visit motivate me alot
As you tap on my back
never letting me fall apart..
You help me think deeper..
Of the spring coming my way..
You ask me hold your finger
To move ahead till
Death do us apart..
You are what keep
My eyes open
And my heart beating..
Its because of you
That i can watch a moon
And chase the stars…
For you are the light…
Shining in my darker nights..
You are who keep me alive
Thanks to be all mine
And always mine…
For you are no one…
But my Dream..
10:33 pm
10 nov 2020

Aanay Ramliya 45

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