She was Brave

She was  brave..
To face the fire ..
For she had been through..
The flames already..
When , out of the fire ..
She became a brightest Gold..
Yet she was frank and not cold..
She was brave to leave the past..
Slowly, gradually, and not so fast.
She held her self well..
And walked with elegance

against the storm..
She was Braver enough to convert..
Her sadness, her pieces, into art..
As she painted her feelings,
Wrote stories, but spoke nothing..
And  became a mouth piece..
Of many aching, silent hearts..
She now often console.

Teary eyes, & broken souls ..
And stitch patches of care, love
Between those fallen apart..
She is strong to accept the truth..
Of being wrecked and destroyed once..
But now as she stand tall..
Her confidence emulated by many..
And her smile hold a shine..
Like a sun dazzling over the Tides
Of The sea, splendrous, wide & vast…

Aanay Ramliya
10:38 pm

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