The Fight

#dontleaveyourparents #takecareofthem #betheirprideandsupport

He witnessed a real fight twice in his life time. For the first time while he was young, energetic and full of life. He once came back from his office, entered through the main door of lounge and all of his children rushed towards him and fought each other, everyone trying to hug him first and get the choclates. He hugged kissed them all smiling at their love and fight for him. For him they were to be innocent forever. But time is such a hard teacher. It teaches really hard sometimes. So his sons grew older and he himself had a stooped posture now as the fountain of youth vanished. He was no more able to hear their noise. The sun of his life was settling now and his hairs turning grey. And one day while yearning to see his children he walked towards their room and stoped at the door. He heard some noise and he wanted to wait again, so they would run towards him to give him a hug..He smiled, as he thought they were fighting again for his love but he was shocked when the voices became clearer. This time they were not fighting out of care but they were fighting to get rid of their old father. Everyone wanted the other to keep their father at home but no one was ready as they could no longer bear their old father, his old age moodiness and sounds of his bad caugh. He left the home silently and ended up in an old age home but he left a note outside his house at the Door step.
The note read, “time is really harsh dear sons. It will turn all of you grey one day. And you too will be craving to hear the noise of your children to care for you but you may recieve the unusual , unexpected and heart breaking response. So i am your father, i still care for you and showing you the way to an old age home. When you are old, come there and my memories will welcome you there, hugging each of you once again.” Your Old Father.

Aanay Ramliya 45
12:13 am
Friday 13 Nov 2020

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