Happy Teachers Day

I am writing this as thanks giving to the best people and the best professionals in the world, yes i mean my Teachers.
Dear teachers! If i am able to write this to you, its just because of you. My words are not enough to Thank you for the services you rendered and the contribution you made in my life. You did not only teach me but all of you touched my heart and affected my soul. On this special day, i am proud to have you as my teacher and i pray to Allah to give joy as much as your heart can hold. To always keep showering his blessings upon you in this world and hereafter. I wish you a healthy and blessed life here and higher ranks in Jannah..you people contributed to who i am today. If i can hold a pen its because of you.. if i can help someone in pain its because of you.. if i can make a difference its because of you ..and if i can walk with elegance its because of you…In a nut shell, you teachers are my everything…You are gems..more power to every teacher of mine..you all dwell in my heart and prayers, the best places ever.
Happy Teachers Day


Aanay Ramliya 45
12:00 pm

5 oct 2020

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