The winking killer and The Spy

“United states signed peace deal with Taliban”. Says US president Donald trump. When I read this headline, I felt a sense of peace and happiness like many others who would have read it and have some love for peace and Taliban as well. But a day or two later, when I sat at the table and grabbed a newspaper to read, the headlines gave me a goose bump. The newspaper read, “US conducts first air strike against Taliban since peace deal.” It reminded me of a game we would use to play when we were just kids. The game was known as a winking killer. In that game, there used to be few cards with “man” written on it and one card for spy and one for a killer. We would shuffle all the cards and every one would pick one card. Now the one whose card would turned out to be that of a spy would loudly ask the rest of the players, “who is the killer, I am a spy”? Nobody would answer him and they would hide their cards. Then the person holding the killer card would wink to those with “man cards” and they would immediately say, “I am dead” and would put their card on the table. But the killer would do so out of the spy’s sight as per the rules of the game. Nobody was allowed to cheat on the killer and inform the spy about him as this was considered as the violation of the game’s rules. But the spy would have to find out the killer himself before all the players would have put down their cards otherwise he would lose the game at all. And would considered as a loser spy. That game is so relevant in today’s bloody politics. Where US is acting as a winking killer and all the rest of the players of the international politics deliberately become silent and dead at its call like those men in the game though they know all the false intentions and truths behind their deals and agreements. Though the spies (the so called international organizations and peace corps) claim their honesty in the investigation but how could they prove the killer and those responsible for all the blood sheds, cost and loss of attacks and filthy diplomacy around the globe when all “the men” are on the side of the winking killer. International relations have turned out to that game where the wrong and worse was considered a tactic to win the game otherwise if the spy could identify the killer all the players would lost the game, and only the spy would win it. Same is the case today, no player of international political game want to lose rather they are inclined to win even if they are at the wrong pole and manifest their moral or actual death as a nation, but they would never stand by the side of the spy player with truth and honesty because of the conflict of their own so called national interest.I would like to end with an urdu adage, عقل مند کے لیے اشارہ ہی کافی ہے۔۔

Take care till the next post. Your comments are highly appreciated.

Aanay Ramliya

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