The bars will break

The bars will break ..✓

Like a nightingale,
Locked in the cage ,
Her hands cuffed and feet shackled..
Behind the Bars of traditions and customs….
But her soul rebellious and her mind free..
Looking at rising sun every dawn…
she chanted the songs of love and freedom ..
Her eyes full of dreams…
Dreams of flying so high…
A heart filled with hope…
Determined of her destination..
She never sighed …
but smile she exchanged..
With the last rays of sun at dusk…
Informing the moon in the darkest nights….
Of the Freedom coming her way…
The blooming flowers of peace..
As She knew the bars will break….
And she would be set free..
Free to soar so high…
Towards her beloved …
To the heaven….beyond the skies….
Aanay Ramliya
8:49 pm

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