We do not die, but depart

We do not die, but depart
From the world of material
To the heavenly abode…
We do not die..
But from the cage of body..
Our soul is exiled….
From the prison of pain and fears..
The soul is set free..
It soars high from the planet earth…
To Land on  the skies…
The skies so vast
We do not really die…
But abondon the  transient joy…
For the life of eternity ..
Leaving the belongings..
That have taken a room in our heart..
When the bubble of life bursts up..
We feel like time has fleeted so fast…
We do not die ..
But death vanishes the wait..
The dark night of sadness ends
And we meet our beloved…
The Exalted One…
The Almighty Lord..
Infact death is for those..
Whose reason to live is lost…
With No belief in hereafter
Or  return  to their God..
We do not die…but depart..
For the place called heaven..
The beautiful eternal abode….

Aanay Ramliya

5:july:2020 (11:07 pm)

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