Find God

Do not claim that you love God when you dont even know Him.. Do you know when He is sad? Do you care when God is ill? Do you really think about your love for Him when He is hungry? Don’t you think that when we love someone we take care of them. You might end up thinking that God is the ultimate power, the Almighty one. How come He become sad, hungry, or ill? My dear He dwells in hearts. Try! call him and He will respond. But He do get sad, you know how? When a mother is sad. When an oppressed is sad. In their sadness lies the sadness of God. When a needy, a poor is hungry, you will see there that God is hungry. When your neighbor brother or sister falls ill, you will find God ill , go see them…in every person around, try! look for Him and you will find Him there .He is not only in the heavens above but around us in every particle. There is no staircase to reach the exalted Lord, the Almighty Allah but He is in the hearts. Beside us, within us. Feed Him, love Him, take care of Him like He does for you.Call Him around, seek Him in his creation and find Him there, He is everywhere..
Aanay Ramliya
11:19 pm
Sun 30 aug 2020

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