We have to do it ourselves..

At the end, we all have to travel on our own, for ourselves. No matter how much we love them, we have to part our ways one day. We have to heal and fill the inner cracks, ourselves to let the light enter. No one else will do this for us but we, yes ourselves. They may care for us but for how long? They may take the same path as ours but how far they will go with us??? They may fly with us but how much high will they soar with us or will keep serving as wings for us? Uncertain? Yeah. A day will definitely come when the so called other half of us will be bored of us, tired of us. And then we will have to go alone, to sit alone, to think alone and to soar alone… at the end all the pain is ours alone. So why not learn to embrace ourselves, to accept ourselves for who we are? To love both ugliness and beauty of ourselves. To accept our mistakes and learn to depart. Discover our own.. embark upon the journey towards the inner selves of us.. To love our life.. To learn living by your own, connecting to the highest divine source of us. Our lover, our Beloved, our Allah, The most merciful.

Aanay Ramliya

26 August 2020

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