Your Toxic Love

Your Toxic Love

Like a drug…
I took the pill of your toxic love
A pill that made me fall asleep..
Little by little…
From a smaller dose…i did start..
I felt light…with charm i danced..
It hypnotized my mind,  my heart…
Drove me  closer to you…
Till we had no distance to keep…
In the arms of toxic love…
My conscience fall asleep..
Slowly and gradually
In every drop of blood..
It was melted and disolved….
Ran through my lungs, veins and heart…
Like a mystery needed to be solved.
Till i could realize my fault..
It poisoned me ..tore me apart…
But i got addicted ..
Losing my name, my self esteem…
I lost the chastity , the peace of heart..
My soul became hollow…
Like a cave so deep…
Since In the arms of toxic love..
My conscience fall asleep….

3/March/2020, 11:11 am
Aanay Ramliya

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