The whistle

Standing at the darker end of Ally
He blew his whistle louder and louder
To warn those who may intend Of raiding and robing houses in the street
The sound broke the flow of my sleep
I woke up and asked the man
Why did he blew the whistle so sharp?
Will it wake up ?
Those who are morally asleep?
Will it make them feel, they have words to keep?
Or will it remind them
the whistle of the judgment day..?
That will wake up their conscience
So they won’t let their trust get breach?
If it can do so,.
then why would they harm ..
Or make others scream??
But if it can not help..
Then, I begged him to stop ..
Blowing the whistle
And disturbing my dreams…
11:59 pm
Aanay Ramliya.

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