Moral Hypocrisy and the two poles of Humanity

Have you ever thought about our moral hypocrisy??

I often read articles in an online readers community called Quoran Community. What I like most about that community is that a question is posed or asked by someone and then the people in the community, mostly the scholars or the experts from various fields answer those questions in the form of different articles including pictures and videos as well. Same question can be answered by many. For instance someone asked, what is that one picture that describes the low point in your life? Or what innocent seeming picture is actually heart breaking? Or when was the hardest you have cried? The questions aren’t only like these life related or personal questions rather they are related to many fields including, science and technology, metaphysics, business, politics, art, philosophy, psychology and too much. I mean it ranges from very funny, simply ridiculous to very interesting, important and technical questions and articles. But mostly what appears by default in your home feed is based on the interests you have mentioned while registering for the community. You even find answers for your Algebra or arithmetic questions. The expertise and interests of the one answering or uploading the article appears on his/her profile.But the point in making this lengthy prelude is to share what I have learned or found through these articles and from the personal stories of people out there. I can relate them a lot to the life and humanity I see around. Most of the stories out there are so weird and scary that it’s hard to digest them and believe that it really would have happened somewhere in the world. For instance, I read the stories, saw pictures, watch videos like that of a person who studied in Harvard, was brainwashed and ended up joining ISIS  and being killed in Bangladesh, a story by someone whose, brother, failed in his relationship, lost his child and his own identity as father and eventually committed a suicide[1]. Story of a Pakistani girl doing her final year in medicines and was raped and murdered at her hostel on the day she took her final exams[2]. A heart wrenching photos and story of a five year old Egyptian girl who was left with her grand mom after her parents got divorced. Her body was all burned and the story read that she was sexually assaulted by her uncle, and then burned her genitals and punished by her grand Mama and her uncle that she died as a consequence. So distressing huh.Though there are some very informative columns and some very interesting good reads providing one with life-long lessons while on the contrary to such good stuff, stories like those I’ve mentioned above give me chills. Some of these scary stories are those which make me feel ashamed to think that I am a human being. They leave my mind in conundrum about what and who actually the human beings are? What the whole creed of humanity is? Are we really good and pious as we pretend or deep down we are the most selfish, weird and vengeful creatures in actual? Are we the nicest or the nastiest of species?May be I could not answer these questions as needed but this reminds me of a geography class where we studied about the two poles. Well we actually studied the two poles of the world, the North Pole and the South Pole. We also have heard of the bi-polar world in terms of economic development and economic power but what appealed me was this two poles of humanity, the two extremes that I have explored to exist through these readings. Though this is more and a lifelong, never ending morality debate about the nature of human being as evil or good. But what I agree and argue over here is that yes humanity has two poles. Some of us fortunately manage to be in the balanced position but in reality, some people around the world also end up in one of its extreme, the better or the worse. Like in the afore mentioned stories, some people really turned out to be like monsters playing with life of someone else. Most of the time when we are living in between the two, we often tend to be malicious, hypocrite and pretentious hiding each of the pole.It is actually the behavior and sometimes the consistent choice of the person that bring him closer to God, towards the positive pole or towards the negative one. If human being can make wonders in terms of kindness and generosity like those of the Prophets, Saints, Priests or philanthropists etc., the similar can happen on the other side. Humans can be as worse and cruel as Hitler, king Leopold, Stalin, The Rapists, the worst killers etc. that they don’t even seem to belong to the Human race at all. It has always remained a debate that what quality we are actually born with and which quality is evolved through societal influences and circumstances. There are scholarly explanations for both some considering virtue and kindness as innate to Humanity while some believe in the behavior of being cruel and competitive as innate.Richard Wrangham in his book, “The Goodness paradox: the strange relationship between virtue and violence in Human evolution” while talking about some most famous people’s good and bad qualities says that every human being has a potential for good and bad. He argues, “The great oddity about humanity is our moral range, from unspeakable viciousness to heartbreaking generosity. From a biological perspective, such diversity presents an unsolved problem. If we evolved to be good, why are we also so vile? Or if we evolved to be wicked, how come we can also be so benign?”Leaving this debate of the two poles of humanity[3] to the readers I would conclude with few points that I have learned and makes sense to me about why we may be inclined towards doing bad or vicious things to others as human?The first point is Looking Down upon others. When we look down upon others and we don’t consider them  to deserve a more kind and fair behavior. This is generally because of what psychologist refers to as “Moral hypocrisy” which means over estimating our own virtue. When we consider ourselves virtuous than others, we associate the bad and wrong doing of others to their cheap or low character while if we find doing ourselves the same we call it the pressure or the influence of the circumstances.The second is the Schadenfreude[4] effect. This effect is feeling happy and rejoicing the harm that happen to others. We feel happy when others are wronged, it can happen for any reason. Another reason, that we often do bad to others can be the Dunning Kruger effect when one feel himself superior and thinks that others deserve to be treated harsh, unequal or brutally. We may end up becoming narcissist this way and keep appreciating our black traits.

Respect and love every one around you. Don’t be a hypocrite, be the Real you.. Aanay Ramliya


[1] The brother who shared the story also shared his pictures along with his brothers and that his brother called him a day before his suicide but he couldn’t talk to him and told him that he was busy.[2] Her (Nimrita kumari) dreams were all crashed and she could never become a doctor, (justice delayed is justice denied) and her case turned out into nothing but merely circulated in media, experts gave their opinions and send their condolences to the family of the deceased.[3] I have learned that is morality debate is also represented by an opposing views of Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau as nasty and brutal by the former and pure and gentle by the later.[4] The word is from a German language

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