In The Court of Mr.Conscience

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The weather was as cold and cloudy as the weather of December, both,depressing and dark. Mr. Mind had just arrived at the court room with files in his hand. He was a little tensed and it was obvious from his creased forehead. He checked his case number and time in the list pasted outside the court room and went to the security guard there, to check him up and allow him to enter. He was shuffling and turning the documents in his files upside down, to see whether, they are according to his check list or not. He was yet busy that he saw MR. Heart, coming towards the court room along with some other people whom Mr. Mind also knew them since long.“Have MR. Heart brought along his witness to the court”? Mr. Mind thought in his mind. As he sensed it alarming for him to lose the case, he just ignored them all as if he has not seen them and kept his eyes on the file, waiting there for his client. But they also didn’t realize his presence there and were busy talking to each other.Mr. Mind was an attorney to Mr. Tongue, against whom Mr. Heart had filed a case of robbery. It was alleged that Mr. Tongue has robbed the pearls of “respect” from the personality closet of Mr. Someone by coercion using the dagger of backbiting. Miss eye also came along with Mr. Heart as a volunteer witness to give testimony in the case. The serial no of the case was “45-30-2020/Mr tongue vs.  Mr. Someone.” and the hearing was about to start in a while.Their turn had now arrived and all of them were called into the court room. There was all silence and it was a bit dark in the court room with few police men known as “Strong Nerves Corps” were standing there to deal with any mishap if happend, in the courtroom and Mr. conscience was sitting with a gavel  on his table in his splendorous style he was known for. When all of them got their seats after sound of the gavel was followed by the traditional chant, “The honorable! The chief justice, the associate justices and all those persons having business before the honorable are ordered to give their attention as the court is now sitting. God save the United States of Body and the Honorable court.” Mr. Conscience ordered Mr. Heart to start his argument following the oath for telling truth, and then Mr. Heart (a petitioner’s attorney) began as, “honorable Lord! I am Mr. Heart an attorney of my client Mr. someone. On behalf of Mr. Someone it is alleged that Mr. Tongue has robbed him by force stealing his pearls of respect from the closet of his personality. I am handing over these pictures of the crime scene as the evidence and further, I will do direct examination of the witness of the crime scene as per the rules of the court, miss eye.”

Miss eye was now sitting in the witness stand, for examination by Mr. Heart. Mr. Heart, “do you know Mr. Some one?Miss eye, “yes I do”. Mr. Heart, “how do you know him?” Miss eye, “I am his neighbor for about 6 years’’? Mr. Heart, “and do you know Mr. Tongue?Miss eye, “yes I do”. After all the background questions Mr. Heart then went to ask the relevant questions. Mr. Heart, “did you see Mr. Tongue stealing the pearls?” Miss eye, “yes I saw him from the roof top of my house, beside The Nose Mountain.” Mr. Brain, “objection for speculation honorable justice”. Mr. Heart was now bound to show picture or some other evidence of this, so that the speculation was fulfilled otherwise the objection would be sustained. So Mr. Heart handed the authorities, the footage of the scene in which Mr. Tongue could be seen opening the closet and stealing the pearls with dagger in his other hand pointing at Mr. Someone and the dagger was said to be made of bad words of back biting”. Mr. Conscience, “objection over ruled”.Examination continued,Mr. Heart, “have you also seen Mr. Tongue coming to Mr. someone house before the incident?” Miss eye, “yes I have seen him visiting MR. Someone”. Mr. Brain, “objection vague as time”. (Mr. Brain had noted down on his notepad that perhaps, the witness didn’t know the time and day and thus his objection would sustained but it was also of no use as Miss Eye also remembered the date and time. Hence, Mr. Conscience ordered as “objection over ruled” again. Mr. Brain was now perspiring out of the fear of losing the case as all the evidences and burden of proofs were going against his client, Mr. Tongue.The examination continued again and Mr. conscience said, “testimony relevant to the case”, when Miss Eye testified that she had also observed Mr. Tongue talking ill of Mr. someone in different events defaming him.But Mr. brain butted in again as, “objection heresy[2]” when Miss Eye answered to a question as, “I have also felt that Mr. Tongue was jealous of Mr. someone and didn’t want to see him at such a good rank job and a good family as Mr. tongue once exposed it himself”. This time Mr. Conscience sustained the objection and Mr. Brain grinned a smile. The time for the examination of the witness was now over and MR brain was asked for the cross examination of the witness. Though Mr. Brain had noted down quite a lot of questions to cross examine and was still hoping for the victory but the situation turned out to be opposite of his expectations.During the cross examination Mr. Brain also asked the witness, that Mr. Tongue might be threatened and provoked by someone else to rob Mr. someone “but this question was not taken as it was objected as non-responsive by Mr. Heart and the objection was sustained by honorable justice.The sitting was then over and Mr. Conscience had to give his final verdict. The court room of the soul was silent. Mr. Conscience was famous for his justice and then again everyone in the courtroom and all the people outside who gathered for hearing the verdict were waiting for good news, most of them being the well-wishers of the Heart. Mr. Mind was a good defense lawyer and had won many important and critical cases of his career but this time he failed against MR. Heart. Mr. Mind had made enough objections as usual but they went in vain this time.Mr. conscience, as a judge of this trial took a break to consider the evidences and the statements, came back after a while and gave the verdict as follows,” thank you all and the attorneys for doing the able job. I have to announce that Mr. Tongue has been charged with the robbery under the act of robbery and penal code 450[3]. All the evidences and burden of proof has been assessed and he has been found guilty of stealing the pearls of respect from the closet of personality of Mr. someone. He had also made use of the dagger for coercion. Thus the court announces punishment of 10 years of imprisonment for Mr. Tongue behind the bars of teeth.”The court sitting ended, and silence descended upon the court room but Mr. Heart and his client came out of the court room waving their hands with victory sign to the people gathered outside the court complex.

Best regards: Aanay Ramliya 45[4]

[1] Mr. Conscience shows the character of a fair judge, that is our own Conscience. Strong nerves as policemen in the court, which means a person who is emotionally strong can get the situation controlled. While Mr. Tongue back bites someone which means when a person back bite someone, it is like trying to ruin his personality before others. Miss eye in this document presents the eyes of the soul, that how we are aware of ourselves committing a sin. And Mr. Brain and Mr. Heart are playing the role of how a person encounters an internal conflict when he does something wrong but repent later.[2] Objection here say is made when the testimony is irrelevant.[3] It is just a mock code[4] This article is based on how often mind look for excuses and make logic after we make any kind of sin or doing something wrong. But heart is more often inclined towards repentance and listens to conscience to obey Allah’s orders and refrain from sin.


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