Stop Judging the smile

I have always heard people saying, ” a fake smile” referring to the smile that hides their emotions, pain, sadness or what ever. But I don’t really like this term or perhaps I can’t agree with this at least. I like to put it differently, as to me, smile is always genuine. By this I mean that no matter what happens in one’s life or how hard life hits one, one cant just stop smiling forever. One will genuinely smile for different reason. Now whatever the reason of your smile is, be it hiding your emotions, your pain, or it is to show your happiness, the smile itself will be always genuine. As beautiful as the word “smile” itself is, it also beautify your relationship with others as well as your attitude towards others. Each time you smile, you will find its multiple impacts on others and on yourself. A few seconds of smile will relieve somebody’s stress, give them a sense of care and friendship and most of all emotional feelings for you. But at the same time, this genuine smile of others mislead us and we judge others in a wrong way. As this blog is just to tell you guys that never be wrongly curious about others rather, listen to their stories and you will learn the secrets behind their smile. I have a story to share with you that is about yesterday. I met my junior and greeted him as usual in a casual manner. Though my intention was to talk to him about the notes he asked me for, but we hang out about other things for the rest of the time. The person I am talking about, smiles frequently and one may think He is a happy person after all. But today, I learned not to judge anyone without having listen to their stories or having spent some time with them or knowing them. While hanging out about random things and our cultures, traveling and about beautiful places he informed me that he lost his father because of cardio-vascular disease when he was only two. Though, hearing this was really sad but to my surprise after a minute later, he revealed that he had lost his mother back in 2018 (two years ago) in a road accident. It just wrenched my heart as I could see the pain and sadness in his eyes. He told me he felt as if he had lost his world when he lost his mom. He said that his mother was ill-literate but invested her everything in her children’s education and now when they were old enough to pay off for her investment she left them forever. He looked so much in pain sharing the whole story and how his life was changed after trauma of losing his mother and He being the only son of his parents. I could feel the efforts and hardships behind the courage of this smiling person today.

This story may be something very normal for anyone who may read it, but to me it was full of lessons. The only lesson Iam sharing with you is that I was wronged by my judgement, as I thought he must be a happy man enjoying his life, but it was not like that. He was pushing up himself to live a good life and to live for purpose. I learned not to judge others and never think people are happier than me rather, I ought to Thank Almighty Allah for everything I have and So should You. Because, you don’t actually know what is happening in others lives. Do not compare your life and your hardships with others because you may not even bear the problems and pain that is occurring to others. I think its really enough for today. take care and bye till the next post.😃☺️👀

Aanay Ramliya ❤️

27 Feb 2020

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